Scatterplot for silver

Silver occurs at a quite low level (i.e., <0.2%) among Hissar copper-based artifacts, though 10 instances of somewhat higher Ag-contents are noted here. As with arsenic and lead, this silver most likely derives from the original copper ore.

Phase I 
Range, <0.016%–0.47% (n=22) 
Ag, 0.47%: Pin, pyramidal head (inv. 33-15-083) 
Ag, 0.33%: Nail head (inv. 33-21-190) 
Ag, 0.21%: Pin, pyramidal head (inv. 33-15-085)

Phase II 
Range, <0.013%–0.22% (n=31) 
Ag, 0.22%: Bracelet (inv. 33-22-556)

Phase III 
Range, <0.019%–0.32% (n=43) 
Ag, 0.32%: Blade (inv. 33-22-111) 
Ag, 0.23%: Ornament, flat sheet (inv. 33-15-455) 
Ag, 0.22%: Anklet (inv. 33-15-590) 
Ag, 0.21%: Bracelet, seven coils (inv. 33-21-623)