Phase I

Phase I

In attempting to coordinate the cultural phases of Tepe Hissar with other key sites in Iran, Turkestan, Elam. Mesopotamia and Anatolia, we have few definite facts and many contradictory opinions with which to work. We are clinging to the fact determined by our French colleagues at Tepe Sialk, namely the superposition of a Proto-Elamite stratum on a layer containing material identical with that of Hissar IC which, in its turn, is superimposed upon the earliest Sialk layer identical with Hissar IB. Layers identical with Hissar IB were also defined at Raay and at Murteza Gert, about 360 kilometers west of Tepe Hissar....Thus we know that the entire era of painted pottery (Hissar IC, IB, and IA) precedes the Proto-Elamite Period and with it the period of Jamdet Nasr in Mesopotamia; that is, we are not far wrong in assuming that Hissar IC ends about 3500 B.C., while Hissar IA may actually extend back into the fifth millennium B.C. (Schmidt 1937: 361)

The numbering system used here cites the UPM inventory number followed in brackets by the original field number.

Location of PIXE Analysis

33-21-181 [H3053]
Pin, hemiconoidal head
Grave DH96 H44
As, 0.054%; Sn, <0.024%; Ni, 0.15%

33-21-182 [H4379]
Pin, hemiconoidal head
Grave DH96 Center E
As, 0.88%; Sn, <0.014%; Ni, 0.090%

33-15-084 [H1104]
Pin, hemiconoidal head
Grave CG95 X11
As, 0.033%; Sn, <0.011%; Ni, 0.017%

33-21-183 [H3752]
Pin, pyramidal head
Grave DH36 X16
As, 0.76%; Sn, <0.012%; Ni, 0.28%

33-15-083 [H1346]
Pin, pyramidal head
Grave CG95 X14
As, 0.99%; Sn, <0.032%; Ni, 0.036%

33-15-085 [H1292]
Pin, pyramidal head
Grave DH21 X3
As, 0.23%; Sn, <0.016%; Ni, 0.10%

33-21-188 [H3348]
Pin, pyramidal head
Grave EH13 X24
As, 0.39%; Sn, <0.013%; Ni, 0.031%

33-15-080 [H1102]
Pin, head missing
Grave CG95 X4
As, 0.26%; Sn, <0.015%; Ni, 0.063%

33-15-082 [H1261]
Grave DG69 X18
As, 0.16%; Sn, <0.013%; Ni, 0.13%

89-00-010 [none]
Pin shaft
Grave DH43, CR
As, 2.1%; Sn, <0.012%; Ni, 0.043%

89-00-011 [none]
Pin shaft
Grave DH21 X13, #30a
As, 0.83%; Sn, 0.085%; Ni, 0.037%

33-21-175 [H1762]
Knife blade
Grave DG69
As, 0.93%; Sn, <0.013%; Ni, 0.10%

33-21-176 [H3360]
Knife blade
Grave FH13 H24
As, 1.1%; Sn, <0.016%; Ni, 0.021%

33-21-179 [H3483]
Knife blade
Grave DG36 H30
As, 0.56%; Sn, <0.018%; Ni, 0.032%

33-15-078 [H0870]
Grave DH73, d=2.95-3.3
As, 1.63%; Sn, <0.019%; Ni, 0.023%

33-21-1022 [none]
Blade fragment
Grave DG69 X21
As, 0.11%; Sn, <0.017%; Ni, 0.033%

33-15-086 [H0930]
Grave DG, NW room
As, 1.5%; Sn, <0.024%; Ni, 1.4%

33-21-191 [H3711]
Grave DH45, SW corner
As, 0.45%; Sn, <0.015%; Ni, 0.072%

33-21-041 [H3790]
Level 3, C room
As, 0.32%; Sn, <0.029%; Ni, 0.027%

33-15-079 [H0977]
Grave DH21, SW room
As, 1.55%; Sn, <0.017%; Ni, 0.61%

33-21-186 [H3136]
Rod fragment
Grave DF09 etc
As, 0.61%; Sn, <0.012%; Ni, 0.12%

33-21-190 [H3786]
Nail head
Grave DH44
As, 1.16%; Sn, <0.029%; Ni, 0.070%

33-21-039 [H2554]
Wire (heavy and square)
Grave DG69 CS
As, 1.03%; Sn, <0.012%; Ni, 0.032%