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Current Exhibits

Fine Glassware in the Roman World

Roman glassworkers were creative, so much so that almost all the techniques of glass manipulation used in the modern industry were highly developed by the end of the 1st century A.D. Roman glassworkers were not independent and entrepreneurial artisans. They were usually slaves held in bondage quite deliberately for their craft skills, as part of an Empire-wide industry reckoned to be producing as many as 100 million items of glassware year-in and year-out, for some five centuries and more. 

Roman Wine: Windows on a Lifestyle

For the Romans, wine was a part of almost every aspect of their daily life. Wine made herbal medicines palatable and wound-poultices effective; it gave special meaning to many a religious ritual; and gave warmth to fondly-shared love and brought laughter to the dinner table. Among the poverty-stricken, it made life simply more bearable.

Roman Wine: A Window on an Ancient Economy

The story of Roman winemaking is by no means a simple one. It spans more than eight centuries of Old World history and a geographic range from southern Scotland to the middle reaches of the Nile. What makes the story so fascinating is how wine is such a clear window into Roman everyday life.