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Levels XII-IX

35-10-101b Pin/awl
Microstructure (at 400x magnification),
showing appreciable grain distortion
due to heavy cold-working

Site map for Level VII at Gawra.

Level XII (circa 4400–4200 B.C.)
Level XIAB (circa 4200–4050 B.C.)
Level XI/XA (circa 4050–3900 B.C.)
Level X (circa 3900–3850 B.C.)
Level IX (circa 3850–3750 B.C.)

The numbering system used here cites the UPM inventory number followed in brackets by the original field number.

Location of PIXE Analysis

38-13-38 [G7-271]
Flat adze
XII, square 11M
As, 0.61%; Sn, <0.011%; Ni, 0.10%

35-10-101b [G4-926]
Phase XA, XI/XA, square 10M
As, 0.14%; Sn, <0.012%; Ni, <0.011%

33-3-156 [G3-327]
XI/XA or X, grave 37, square 11M
As, 0.084%; Sn, <0.014%; Ni, 0.11%

33-3-125 [G3-254]
IX, square 10M
As, 0.23%; Sn, <0.013%; Ni, <0.017%