Standards for Areas

Pergola-style vineyard developed by
Mastroberadino Winery of Avellino

he Roman foot (pes) is equivalent to about 11.65 inches [29.6 cm], with a pace (passus) being 5 pedes. The longer measures were a Roman mile was 8 stadia or 1,000 passi. Thus, 1 Roman mile is equivalent to 5000 feet [1,478 meters].

For areas, the Romans employed the actus quadratus-a square of 120 pes-two of which formed an iugerum. Thus, the iugerum is equivalent to about 0.62 acres [2,500 square meters].

Ancient sources suggest that a yield of 1 culleus of wine per iugerum [thus, 220 U.S. gallons per acre] was considered usual in Roman viticulture.