Essential Reading

"Pliny at work"
Harley ms, 2677, fol. 1

Whenever you travel through the Roman World, you should always carry some reference books; the kind that everyone needs to jog the memory once in a while. This Website will introduce you to relevant ancient sources, particularly Pliny's Natural History and Columella's On Agriculture, as we go along. But you would be wise to pack the following as well:

  • T. Cornell and Williams, J., 1983: Atlas of the Roman World (New York: Facts on File).
  • Peacock, D.P.S and Williams, D.F., 1986: Amphorae and the Roman Economy (New York: Longman).
  • Robinson, J., 1999: The Oxford Companion to Wine (New York: Oxford University).
  • C. Scarre, 1995: Chronicle of the Roman Emperors (New York: Thames and Hudson).