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Jamdat Nasr/Early Dynastic I

33-35-079 [U18461]

Jamdat Nasr, circa 3200-2900 B.C.

EDI, circa 2900-2700 B.C.

The numbering system used here cites the UPM inventory number followed in brackets by the original field number.

Location of PIXE Analysis

31-17-352 [U12778]
Needle/pin shaft
Pit G, levels 7.5-8, below plano-convex brick pavement
As, 0.30%; Sn, <0.018%; Ni, 0.11%

33-35-079 [U18461]
Pit W, JN Grave 76b
As, 2.1%; Sn, <0.012%; Ni, 2.8%

31-17-267 [U14924]
Pit F, level E7
As, 1.1%; Sn, <0.010%; Ni, 0.28%

B17424 [U07991]
Toggle pin
Grave PG 0033
As, 0.88%; Sn, <0.018%; Ni, 0.33%