Respected Wine Producing Areas of Ancient Italy Outside of Latium & Campania

For comments on the merits of wines from Pucinum, Picenum, Praetutium, Tarentum, and Marmentium, see Pliny (Natural History XIV.60-69). Rhaeticum was the homeland for the Allobrogica vine which eventually ensured the success of Gallic wine-making in the Rhone Valley, though during the 1st century A.D. wines from that area were regarded as harsh and acidic, and useful only in medicinal concoctions (Pliny, Natural HistoryXIV.18 and 26).

The satirist, Martial, owned an estate in the countryside around Nomentum (northwest of modern Tivoli), so he always wrote most fondly of wines from that region. His favorite wines, however, were those from the Massic hills which separates the regions of ancient Latium and Campania near the modern town of Mondragone.